Choosing an infrared lamp: which one best suits my complaints?

You are here for a reason: you need help choosing the right infrared lamp that best suits your complaints. It's good that you're looking into this, because the right lamp can make a big difference in your health and well-being. We will explain the different forms of radiation and types of infrared lamps to you. We discuss how infrared and red light therapy can help with your complaints, and which lamp is most suitable for you. Have you finished reading? Then you are ready to choose the right infrared lamp and treat your specific complaints effectively and safely!

Infrared light: an overview

Infrared light is an invisible form of radiation that generates heat when it comes into contact with a surface. So you don't see the light! Infrared heats the skin and can even affect the deeper tissues and joints. Not visible, but very effective for various health purposes and complaints. Ranging from pain relief to improving blood circulation and even improving the skin. There are different types of infrared lamps, and each type has its own specific properties and benefits. Later in this blog we will discuss the following types of light therapy: near-infrared (NIR), far-infrared (FIR) and red light therapy. You will undoubtedly have seen these shapes and wondered which one is best for you.

Near infrared lamps with short wave radiation (NIR – IR-A)

When we talk about the most powerful and deep-working infrared forms, we are talking about the short-wave infrared lamps. This form is often used for medical purposes, because the radiation can reach the body deepest and stimulates blood circulation. Think of the joints and tissues . The result? Dilated blood vessels and increased oxygen supply to the treated areas. This relieves pain, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.

Far-infrared lamps with long wave radiation (FIR – IR-C)

And then there are the far infrared lamps, which you will certainly encounter. These lamps emit a long wave and are intended to heat your body. Heat reduces pain and provides a feeling of pure relaxation. The infrared lamp not only stimulates blood circulation, which is beneficial for your health, but also promotes perspiration. Yet the main purpose of these lamps is to provide relaxation and relieve pain.

Red light therapy lamps (IR-A and red)

These lamps emit visible red light and do not fall under the infrared spectrum. Yet these lamps have many advantages and can also reduce many complaints. Red light has an anti-inflammatory effect, a beneficial effect on skin cells and helps with tissue repair. In the world of skin care, red light therapy is a popular form of skin treatment. This form is also widely used in the sports world. The effect on the cells increases energy levels and therefore sports performance. Our Liroma red light therapy lamps have been specially developed to allow you to choose between a red light or infrared light treatment. Or at the same time, even that is possible! Do you have different complaints and do you need different types of radiation for your treatment? Then this will be the best choice for you.

Do you want to know the difference between IR-A, IR-B and IR-C radiation? Then click on this link.

Choosing the right lamp for your complaints

Infrared and red light gym lamps

Infrared lamps for general ailments

Do you suffer from cold hands, blue fingers, fatigue, sagging legs, a cold, or stiff muscles? Consider one of the Liroma infrared lamp with heat or the red light therapy lamp combined with infrared therapy . It works as a miracle cure for ailments like these. NIR infrared light improves blood circulation, dilates your blood vessels, and brings relief to those cold hands and feet. It can even reduce your cold symptoms by warming your nose and throat. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, a combination lamp is also a good choice. Red light can improve your circulation, reduce inflammation and give you an overall feeling of well-being and energy.

Infrared lamps for skin and facial complaints

A lamp with red light therapy is a popular method to tackle skin complaints. The red light stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, reduces acne and skin aging, improves blood circulation in the skin and reduces inflammation. Which results in a radiant face and fine skin! View our red light lamps here and discover the special Liroma red light LED face mask here.

Infrared lamps for joint and muscle pain

It is important to choose an infrared lamp with near-infrared light (IR-A) to experience the benefits for joint and muscle pain. This specific type of infrared light has the ability to penetrate deep into the tissues. Other forms of light therapy do not have this ability. Click here for our red light therapy lamps with infrared light (IR-A) and here for the infrared heat lamps .

Infrared lamps for rheumatic diseases

Many of our customers suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other rheumatic conditions. Complaints of this can have a significant impact on your life. Do you also experience this? Then choose one of our near-infrared lamps (IR-A) for the most deep and therapeutic treatment to reduce your complaints. Infrared therapy with IR-A radiation penetrates deep into your muscles and joints, relaxes them and provides immediate relief from pain and stiffness. But that is not everything! IR-A reduces inflammation and improves blood flow. You will quickly notice the effect, making you flexible and able to continue with less pain. We are proud of the number of customers we have already helped with this. View our red light therapy lamps with infrared here and click here for the infrared heat lamps . Both lamps are equipped with IR-A radiation.

Infrared lamps for a better night's sleep

Red light therapy has the most effect on a good night's sleep, because it stimulates the production of melatonin and has a calming effect. Do you also suffer from other complaints, such as pain? Then the infrared lamp with red light therapy is suitable for you. No one can sleep well in pain. Click here for our red light therapy lamps !

Infrared lamps for sports injuries

Sports injuries, joint or muscle pain, tired muscles or bursitis? Well...unfortunately that is also part of it if you exercise regularly. Fortunately, light therapy offers advantages to prevent these situations or to heal them faster if the damage has already been done. For active athletes, a combination of a red light therapy lamp and infrared light is extremely effective! The red light reduces inflammation, increases ATP levels and helps heal injuries, while the deep infrared light penetrates muscles and joints for pain relief and rapid recovery. Choose our red light therapy lamps for better results, faster recovery, more energy and less pain.

Infrared lamps for sadness or depressive complaints

Sadness and depression have no simple solutions, but red light therapy can be a valuable addition to improving your mood. How? It influences your biological clock, stimulates the production of melatonin (your 'sleep hormone') and increases serotonin levels (your 'happiness hormone'). Especially in seasonal affective disorder (SAD), red light can reduce symptoms while reducing stress and anxiety through its calming effects. Important: Red light therapy is an additional treatment, especially for severe depression. Always consult a specialist before trying this therapy. Discover our red light lamps !

Infrared lamps for back pain

Many different lamps can reduce your back pain. Consider red light therapy lamps or infrared heat lamps . But, we have just developed a product especially for your back that could use some attention. The Liroma portable infrared belt may be a good option for you! The infrared heaters radiate heat (IR-C) that immediately reduces pain. Do you have any other complaints or other wishes regarding your infrared lamp? Then you can also opt for the aforementioned lamps. Compare them here!

Infrared, the practical choice for effective pain relief, reducing complaints and promoting your health.


A lot of information, but hopefully this information has helped you in your search for the right lamp and you now know which type best suits your complaints. As you can see, infrared lamps are great to use for different purposes. It is important to choose the right one and to know the differences between the different shapes and operation of the lamps.

The short-wave infrared lamps (NIR – IR-A) penetrate the deepest into the body, ideal for joints and tissues. The long wave infrared lamps (FIR-IR-C) are aimed at heating the body, which reduces pain and provides relaxation. And then we have the red light therapy lamps, which, although not strictly in the infrared spectrum, definitely impress. These lamps have anti-inflammatory properties and are widely used in skin care and sports. They can improve your mood and improve your sleep, which is certainly an important aspect of our health. Choose the right lamp based on your specific needs and experience the benefits of these different forms of light therapy.

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Warning : Always consult a doctor if you have any medical conditions before using our products. When in doubt, the same applies. Liroma only provides general information and cannot provide medical advice.

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