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Do you suffer from skin complaints?

Red light therapy helps reduce skin complaints. Think of acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema

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Inflammation or joint complaints?

By increasing ATP production and promoting cell regeneration, red light therapy can help reduce pain caused by overworked muscles or joints.

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We are known for

❝ In my house I have infrared lamps that I use to warm up my muscles before a workout. I find it very useful and it works very well for me ❞ (Interview

Max Verstappen

❝ For example, I used infrared therapy to recover faster from injuries. That worked really well. ❞ (Interview NOS)

Memphis Depay

❝ I use infrared lamps to warm up and relax my muscles after training or competition. It really helps me to recover faster ❞ (Football international)

Lee Martens

❝ I also have an infrared sauna at home. I love that. Just relax and everything will run smoothly again because of that heat. It improves blood circulation and helps my muscles to recover. ❞ (Interview Algemeen Dagblad)

Epke Zonderland

❝ When I notice that my body needs it, I go to a wellness center and use the infrared sauna. That really helps me relax and let my muscles recover. ❞ (Interview Football International)

Robin van Persie


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