Specialist in infrared therapy

Specialist in infrared therapy

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Natural, effective and proven!

Are you looking for an effective and natural way to get rid of your complaints or to simply give your health a boost? View our extensive range of infrared heat lamps and red light therapy LED panels.

Reduce muscle pain, reduce tension, improve your skin, sleep better, improve your immune system, increase your energy levels, prevent injuries and improve performance.

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LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie 500 - LiromaLiroma LED500 - Liroma
LIROMA® Red Light Therapy 500 Sale price€355,00 Regular price€445,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie 600 - LiromaLiroma LED600 - Liroma
LIROMA® Red light therapy 600 Sale price€365,00 Regular price€495,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie RTL180 - LiromaLiroma LED RTL180 - Liroma
LIROMA® Red light therapy RTL180 Sale price€899,00 Regular price€995,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie RTL300 - LiromaLiroma LED RTL300 - Liroma
LIROMA® Red light therapy RTL300 Sale price€1.049,00 Regular price€1.295,00

❝ In my house I have infrared lamps that I use to warm up my muscles before a workout. I find it very useful and it works very well for me ❞ (Interview Formule1.nl)

Max Verstappen

❝ For example, I used infrared therapy to recover faster from injuries. That worked really well. ❞ (Interview NOS)

Memphis Depay

❝ I use infrared lamps to warm up and relax my muscles after training or competition. It really helps me to recover faster ❞ (Football international)

Lee Martens

❝ I also have an infrared sauna at home. I love that. Just relax and everything will run smoothly again because of that heat. It improves blood circulation and helps my muscles to recover. ❞ (Interview Algemeen Dagblad)

Epke Zonderland

❝ When I notice that my body needs it, I go to a wellness center and use the infrared sauna. That really helps me relax and let my muscles recover. ❞ (Interview Football International)

Robin van Persie

Extensively tested, proven by 5000+ satisfied customers.

We are proud to say that thousands of people use Liroma infrared lamps every day. Read what they tell us here. (Trustpilot reviews)

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RJ Child

Very satisfied

Firstly, the lamp works well beyond expectations! I have strained my back quite a bit with sports and a 12 minute session provides long lasting relief. It also makes me feel warm and relaxed. Wonderful wellness experience.


Improving something good

A super nice double-headed heat lamp. At first I had the old base which was less stable. The new chassis is much better and more stable. Am very happy with it!! Furthermore, if you have questions or comments, the company is easily accessible.


Very customer friendly

1 of the 2 packages was not delivered, but after an email about this, it was immediately sent the next day without any questions. Top!


Fast shipping

Fast shipping, good communication.
I am very satisfied with the article. I have muscle rheumatism and it is wonderful to warm my muscles under the lamps. It's almost addictive! Great article. Sturdy and easily adjustable lamps.


Great product

Great product. A huge plus is that you can change the lamps yourself if they are finished. This is in contrast to the lamps of the Philips products that you are not allowed to change yourself.

Ease of use

No expensive treatments, just home use

Economical in use

Compared to other suppliers, Liroma products are very economical in use

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