What is an infrared lamp?

What is an infrared lamp?

The infrared lamps may require a small study. Below we explain what exactly it is and how you can best use the lamp.

How does an infrared lamp work?

By aiming the infrared lamp at the body, the body heats up evenly and balanced. It is also called a heat lamp. The treatment feels pleasant. This is because the light penetrates far into our skin. Because the lamp heats, the temperature of the body increases. This promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and increases heart rate. This means that waste products are removed more quickly. Infrared lamps are very suitable for muscle pain and joint pain, for example.

Treat pain complaints with infrared

In case of muscle pain, blood circulation improves when using an infrared lamp. The affected muscles can get rid of the waste products (acids) more quickly and due to the improved blood flow, nutrients and building materials are supplied more quickly. Promotes the absorption of oxygen, which reduces muscle pain. Many athletes and top athletes come to us because infrared works for faster recovery. The lamp goes deep into the skin due to the strength of the lamp. Liroma lamps have a power of up to 300W.

Liroma also offers lamps that can tilt, so that the beneficial heat can radiate directly onto the problem spot. The lamps have multiple heat settings. The intensity can be adjusted to the desired strength.

Infrared lamp for skin complaints

Research shows that infrared lamps also work well for skin complaints. Because infrared radiation improves blood flow, new cells can be built up faster and better. The old cells are removed more quickly.

Bacteria and impurities will loosen from your pores and cleanse your skin. That detox effect gives your skin a fresh complexion. In addition, infrared lamps stimulate collagen production. This is a natural protein that keeps your skin supple and young. Wrinkles, pigment spots and other imperfections become less visible.

Infrared heat for stress and fatigue

Sitting under an infrared lamp for just 10-12 minutes immediately produces a de-stressing and relaxing feeling for body and mind. This experience works wonders for many people. The radiation naturally relaxes muscles, relieves pain and stimulates healthy circulation and cell metabolism.

Distance to the infrared lamp

How much distance to keep from the infrared lamp? The heat that the lamp emits should always feel pleasant and pleasant. Start at 70-80cm and see for yourself. Furthermore, the eyes must always be closed when treating the face. Relieve a cold or reduce acne? Then infrared therapy aimed at the face can be a good idea. Always focus carefully on the problem area and close your eyes if the treatment is aimed at the eyes. Eyes are very sensitive to many types of radiation, even though the lamps do not emit UV light!

Treatment time of the muscle, muscles or problem area

The recommended treatment duration depends on the person, the nature of the complaint and which area needs to be treated. The treatment time with an infrared lamp is around 12 minutes. Furthermore, instructions from the treating physician (if any) must always be followed. In the beginning it is advisable to increase the treatment time slowly. So start carefully. It may be that the skin overreacts to infrared light (burning). It is better to use the lamp for a slightly shorter time in the beginning. The Liroma infrared lamps have a timer that is easy to operate with the remote control.

Important note :

Always listen carefully to your body. If the complaints persist, it is always wise to consult your doctor.
Hopefully it has all become a little clearer. Do you have any questions or can we help you with anything? Please let us know!

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