Erik about fibromyalgia and infrared products

Some time ago a customer contacted us. For convenience, I will call the customer Erik, because he likes to remain anonymous (on the website). Erik is a chronic pain patient and has gone through a long search for the right products for his pain complaints. Erik came to us and was so enthusiastic about the products that he wanted to do something for us, but also for you.

He hopes to help others by writing about his experience. As an expert by experience, Erik would like to talk about his positive experiences with all kinds of pain relief therapies and the effect he experiences of the TDP and infrared lamps.

According to Erik
''As a multiple chronic pain patient, I have decades of experience with the most diverse forms of both conservative (regular) and progressive (alternative) forms of pain management. In addition to the fact that I am a Fibromyalgia patient - with severe pain complaints in muscle and connective tissue throughout my body - I suffer from various (inoperable) deformations in my neck in nature, severity and extent, which cause both severe local pain and radiating pain in the neck. , shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Together also called a generalized pain syndrome.

People with serious pain complaints can ask me - via Liroma - to contact them by telephone to ask me questions about my decades of experiences with the most diverse forms of pain relief therapies and the Infrared and TDP lamps from Liroma, among others.

I have a large rectangular halogen infrared lamp from Philips and I have an “Infrared lamp Double Head – 507” from Liroma. The Liroma lamp has two easily adjustable infrared lamps that can be individually aimed at the pain spot(s), which can also be individually adjusted to ten settings in terms of heat intensity using the supplied remote control. I experience the effect of the infrared light type of the Liroma lamps as more powerful than the Philips halogen infrared lamp for which nothing can be adjusted, except the timer. The Liroma lamps have a warm and deeply relaxing effect on my muscles, causing them to cramp less and cause less pain.

To begin with, the “TDP Lamp” is not actually a lamp because it produces no light. In fact, it is a heat element with a mineral disc that works according to the Moxa therapy from the mysterious ancient Chinese medicine. This TDP lamp emits considerable local heat, is adjustable in two heat intensity settings and has a timer of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Compared to infrared lamps, TDP lamps have a very important additional effect in the sense of a completely unexpected, but extremely welcome, powerful local pain reduction for me. Because in addition to the pain-relieving effect due to the muscle relaxation caused by the heat, this TDP lamp offers me significant additional local pain relief . Which is only comparable to local lidocaine anesthesia (injections) in the relevant muscles and connective tissues. It sounds incredible and it is! Because in addition to all kinds of invasive pain intervention treatments by my Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist in the operating room, TDP Lamps have a significant pain-reducing effect. I cannot explain (scientifically) why this is the case, but that this leads to a significant reduction in complaints for me is, after my long-term experience with this, an absolute fact." 

Do you have serious and/or chronic pain complaints or are you a professional in pain management and do you need to spar and share experiences with a fellow sufferer? Then email your name, situation and telephone number to We will ensure that Erik calls you back.

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